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It seems like every month there is another PC game launching what promises to be the next big thing. As people look to escape their stress from their day to day lives, they often turn to PC video games to take their minds off the troubles they are facing. For the last few years, it seems as though there are more PC games in the pipeline than consoles. This is only going to increase in the coming months and years.

As you plan your escape from the world this coming fall, here’s a quick refresher on all those upcoming PC games coming out in the next few months. We already know that Dishonored 2 is coming out around fall, with the second game offering more of what made the first game so successful. Other than that, we also have two new RPG’s coming out called The Fall of Rome 2 and The Bard’s Tale: The Moorsale Land. Both of these are in pre-alpha, and we can expect a lot more gameplay information as the months go along. There’s also two Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG) in development right now. One of them is in the vein of World of Warcraft, while the other will be a totally original IP.

As for the upcoming summer months, there’s still no concrete plans but fans can look forward to several RPGs that offer up new experiences. Kingdom Come Alive, a remake of the Japanese hit RPG title called Final Fantasy Tactics, is getting ready to release on consoles and PC. There’s also been word that a new RPG, code named Ashen, is in the works. No specifics have been given, though fans of fantasy can at least look forward to more quests and exploration of gorgeous worlds. A sprawling single player RPG that mixes adventure with RPG elements is something that fans of this genre have been waiting for.

We can also look forward to announcements of new PC gaming platforms such as Steam and consoles such as Xbox. Stay tuned! For now, October is a great time to buy PC games, especially if you’re a fan of multiplayer PC games. I mean, what’s not to love about them? If you haven’t checked out October’s list of upcoming PC gaming releases, do a quick search and you’ll find loads to browse through.

What’s this itch going crazy for? A PC port of Red Dead Rising? Sure, it’s been hyped to the max. But, how about a remake of another old arcade classic, the Legend of Zelda? Who says single player just doesn’t work anymore? These are only some of the possibilities.

With so many great games on the horizon, how do you choose which ones are worth buying? How do you decide which ones you want to pass up? Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Lots of people play RPGs because they have a story to tell. Maybe your dream game is an open-world RTS with an RPG element thrown in, or maybe it’s a mystery PC puzzle game. You know what they are, you just need to know where to find them.

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