Summoners War: Chronicles of Doom

The upcoming game Summoners War: Chronicles will be the first MMORPG to be produced by Nexon. It is the prequel to their successful flagship title, Linea II: Trial of Summoners. One thing that sets Summoners War apart from other MMORPG is that it will be an open-ended experience, where players can engage in multiple questsContinue reading “Summoners War: Chronicles of Doom”

How to Monetize Your Fishdom PC

Fishdom is a game based on a real life trend – fish finders. What is Fishdom like the ads? How many levels are there on Fishdom? How do you beat Fishdom? These are questions that have been asked by hundreds of thousands of people, and they all have one answer… The concept of Fishdom isContinue reading “How to Monetize Your Fishdom PC”

The Best Free Crossword Games

Word Search by Neat is the most popular word game on Playgrounds, at least that is what the ads claim. I am not sure that they got everything right. I have seen it advertised as a game for kids, yet when I downloaded it and tried it, I didn’t find it appropriate for my kids.Continue reading “The Best Free Crossword Games”

How to Find a Sudoku Download

Sudoku is a classic board game that has entertained millions of people for over two and a half decades. The object of the game is to eliminate all the cards by matching pairs of digit from the pile using logic. There are various versions of the Sudoku game that you can play on your computer.Continue reading “How to Find a Sudoku Download”

AI Dungeon Master: A Deep Learning Tool for Text Adventures

AI Dungeon is an intriguing adventure computer role-playing game, where your actions and decisions have a profound effect on what happens next. You choose your path and then wander aimlessly through an infinite virtual world, solving puzzles, engaging in combat and exploring ruins. You are rewarded for your efforts with powerful items and weapons, andContinue reading “AI Dungeon Master: A Deep Learning Tool for Text Adventures”

Install Fallout Shelter PC Game Today

You’ve heard it for the first time if you’ve played any of their previous games: if you like role-playing games that let you solve puzzles and interact with an incredible virtual world, you’ll love playing Fallout Shelter. If you haven’t played it yet, you’re definitely missing out on one of the best RPG games availableContinue reading “Install Fallout Shelter PC Game Today”

Is There Something More in Temple Run 2 or Is It Just the Same?

From the hit endless running game Temple Run comes its much better and bigger sequel Temple Run 2 with all the additions and improvements while retaining everything from its predecessor. It’s not like most of the games that storylines and environments had been tweaked in their sequels simply because this game still has close storylineContinue reading “Is There Something More in Temple Run 2 or Is It Just the Same?”

Will You Join the Craze of Playing Words with Friends?

Given the current situation we have, everyone should practice social distancing and spending time together physically is not possible. When you play Words with Friends, staying in touch with the persons you love while staying at home becomes simple and enjoyable. Let your family or friends join you in a popular multiplayer game of lettersContinue reading “Will You Join the Craze of Playing Words with Friends?”

A Tool for Kids, Parents, and Teachers: ABCya!

ABCya Games is, in today’s standards, a relatively old children’s game since it has been in the market since 2004. Over the years, its value as an educational game has risen; especially for teachers and parents who seek both entertainment and informative applications for their children. How do I choose games on ABCya?In ABCya!, theContinue reading “A Tool for Kids, Parents, and Teachers: ABCya!”

Find Your Reasons Why You Need to Play Word Link

Have you ever played a game and you got addicted to it even though you only wanted to relax and unwind? This often happens when you play classic word puzzle games that involve letters and words. You can play for several hours and move on from one level to another in a fun and entertainingContinue reading “Find Your Reasons Why You Need to Play Word Link”

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