Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassin Game Review

Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassin is one of the many Doctors Who games on the market. The original Doctor Who TV series is revived for a new series with Matt Smith taking the Doctor and Amy Pond. The Amy Pond that we saw in the last Doctor’s movie was quite the departure from what weContinue reading “Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassin Game Review”

Summoners War: Chronicles of Doom

The upcoming game Summoners War: Chronicles will be the first MMORPG to be produced by Nexon. It is the prequel to their successful flagship title, Linea II: Trial of Summoners. One thing that sets Summoners War apart from other MMORPG is that it will be an open-ended experience, where players can engage in multiple questsContinue reading “Summoners War: Chronicles of Doom”

A Neat Game For Nintendo Wii – Nier Reincarnation

One of the more anticipated video games this year has been Yuna anime series’ Nier, which started off as one of the more bizarre stories in the Final Fantasy series. It was well received in the gaming community and went on to be a commercial hit. Its release was followed up by an animated televisionContinue reading “A Neat Game For Nintendo Wii – Nier Reincarnation”

Video Game Review – Tomb Raider Replica Game Review

Tomb Raider, one of the most beloved video games of all time, has revitalized the Tomb Raider franchise into a whole new experience. Will Tomb Raider return to its roots, or will it become another standard first person shooter game with generic gameplay? It’s doubtful, but let’s hope it doesn’t become just another” Saints Row”Continue reading “Video Game Review – Tomb Raider Replica Game Review”

Dragon Quest Tact Review

This is my Dragon Quest TACT review. The game Dragon Quest TACT is one of the most well-regarded side-scrolling games on the market. When released in early 2021, it instantly sold like crazy and has since then been re-releasing on several different platforms. I’ve also had personal experience with this game and so this DragonContinue reading “Dragon Quest Tact Review”

The Pathless: HOG Game Review

The Pathless: Is the Pathless PS5 exclusive? If you’re wondering, this article will give you a rundown on the game and what you can expect from it. The Pathless is a highly-awaited game based on the famous pen and paper role-playing game that many people know and love. The story behind the Pathless revolves aroundContinue reading “The Pathless: HOG Game Review”

All You Need To Know About Animal Crossing New Horizon

Animal Crossing New Horizons is getting ready to launch on Nintendo Switch, which means that many fans of the Animal Crossing franchise are anxious to find out if Animal Crossing: New Horizons is worth it. After all, New Horizons is taking place in a time period when a huge amount of changes happened in theContinue reading “All You Need To Know About Animal Crossing New Horizon”

Legends of Runeterra PC Game Review

Legends of Runeterra is the latest free-to-upgrade collectible card game from Riot Games. It was recently released on April 29th, 2021 for Microsoft Windows, Android and iOS. The game utilizes a fantastically innovative setting and characters originally from League of Legends, an online battle arena sport by Riot Games that lets you play as oneContinue reading “Legends of Runeterra PC Game Review”

Petal Crash – A Time Management Game With Strategy Involved!

Petal Crash is a family-friendly sport for both kids and adults. It’s a simple game that any player can pick up and start playing right away. In order to progress through the levels in the game, you will need to collect stars on each level which unlock new characters for you to use. There areContinue reading “Petal Crash – A Time Management Game With Strategy Involved!”

Gangstar Vegas is a Gangsta Video Game With Thrilling Open World and Great Graphics

Gangstar Vegas is a highly addictive game on the mobile phone. In this game you as a player have to save the nightclubs and eliminate all the criminal elements therein. The story behind this game revolves around a group of high school dropouts who wind up getting hired by the Las Vegas mafia. To makeContinue reading “Gangstar Vegas is a Gangsta Video Game With Thrilling Open World and Great Graphics”

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