Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassin Game Review

Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassin is one of the many Doctors Who games on the market. The original Doctor Who TV series is revived for a new series with Matt Smith taking the Doctor and Amy Pond. The Amy Pond that we saw in the last Doctor’s movie was quite the departure from what we saw in the classic stories. Is there still a Doctor Who game?

This game would actually be fun if there was a hint of truth to it. That would be more exciting to me than playing the typical doctor who you know by name. I suppose in the modern world we have progressed far enough that there is no need for a name to identify you, but I do enjoy being able to know my name is not just a cute catchphrase. Maybe I would like to name my character something more interesting, something that conveys a certain feeling. Perhaps a Time Lord needs a better title, like Doctor Who.

I was very interested to find out there is an option to play this game using the Netflix feature. I love the Netflix option as it lets me see the story in its raw form. I can explore the world and situations, not the story told to me by the developer. I can even skip to scenes that make me feel like I’m not making up my mind! This would be a great feature for those that want to take a break from the action and just soak up the atmosphere.

There are a few different scenarios that are presented to you in this game. You could play a traditional story where the Doctor has to save the world while battling a monster and other such crazy scenes. Alternatively, you could tackle a mystery as the Doctor, Amy and Harry stumble across a clue that leads them into a very important location and story line.

Some fans have been wondering if there is any sort of connection between Amy Pond and the Doctor Who universe. Well, there is a small link in the game’s narrative and you will find out what that is as you progress through the game. The Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassin game does feature a link between Amy and the Doctor. In the beginning of the game you can choose to follow the Doctor or Amy as they investigate a mysterious man’s body. You can then choose to help either of them in their investigation.

For those that do not like the story, you can just ignore it and move on to something else. The game is quite challenging too so you would not be bored quickly. What makes The Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassin interesting is the huge number of decisions you have to make throughout the game. Not only is the story very interesting but you get to handle Amy and the Doctor as well. I found it to be more of an adventure game than a Doctor Who game. I hope that the game keeps the popularity going because I really like the character, although I wouldn’t want to play the character again.

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